Welcome to Dads Talk Purity!

This is a resource for dads. If you're like me, you want to set solid, functional standards for your children.  You would like for them to experience a life full of hope, dreams and success.  You want them to become the individual that God created them to be. However, the culture surrounding them screams, "Life is all about you!" And so many teenagers attempt to grab as much of life as they can without any consideration for their future.
This is a tool for dads who want to set a standard for their daughters to protect their sexual purity until they find their "Prince Charming" and become his bride.  I realize that, statistically, this may appeal to a small audience. But for the dad who desires to be proactive in this area of his daughter's life, I wanted to offer some help. I know it's tough because I was there and couldn't find a lot of material. 
This resource has been on my mind ever since my first experience with my oldest daughter. I hope you'll find it helpful as you seek to set a standard for your daughter in this area. Use the "Contact Me" link if you have any questions.

Photo Source: http://togetpregnant.info/daughters-say-dads-should-do-more-to-prepare-them-for-sex-and-dating